Driver Discourse Delivered

Ever since the beginning of this year, I have come to use services such as Uber very frequently in my life. It has provided convenience  and affordability compared to the taxi service that is available in my region. I have heard a lot of stories from the many faces that I have encountered on these rides, yet never have I been so touched by one like that I have heard this week.

This particular ride happened as I was to leave from my university to my apartment. I was almost about to take the bus home but as there was a promotion happening on the service, I decided to take an Uber back home. The ride came on time as expected. The start was as regular as a ride could get. We greeted each other and confirmed my destination and we were off. He asked me about my university and what I was studying there. Like many before him, I gave the same answer as I would others thinking no more about it.

Yet what he said next got my full attention. He told me that he was a graduate chemical engineer. I was very surprised by this news. A man with a degree in a field that is both grandeur in its complexities and its importance in our daily life, doing a job such as this. He continued to tell me the situation he was currently at. Having graduated a year ago with a GPA of 3.7+ he was unable to find a job in his field of chemical engineering. Though he says that he had applied to multitudes of job vacancies that were listed, he was unable to secure a position. Now he has a child and a wife to support, with a new car that needs to be paid for.

I felt a close connection with his story. Even hours after the ride, I kept thinking about the guy. Maybe it is because I have a possibility of being in that same situation. Jobless after all the studying and preparations that I had done in my university life. I wondered about my friends in my intake. How many of us would get a job immediately after our graduation? How many of us would not get a job at all? How many of us will quit this field and move onto something completely different like the guy I had met?

It is a sea of unknown for me at least. What the future holds no one can know for sure. You may be facing hardships or you may have the best time of your life. But whatever it may be one must never give up hope. Like the man I had met, he took multiple jobs to support his new family, all the while never giving up on getting his dream job. He had booked an appointment for a job with a man whom he met through Uber. Wherever you are I wish you the best of luck on that interview. I know that like you, everyone will have hardships in life. We cannot change what life will throw at us, but we can change the attitude that we face it with.

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