Decisions Against Time

I am at that point in my university life where I am supposed to go for internship. I started applying for internship positions about 2 months back, when my university held a briefing about the rules and regulations as well as the ethics when applying for a position. Being a foreigner in a country proved to be a major downfall when applying for internships, Especially in a country where the population speaks at least 3 languages. Companies were looking for people who could do the same, and here I was just knowing only two, one of which not even 0.006% of the world speaks.

Nevertheless I was determined to land an internship position. Like anything in life, if you were to give up at the start, you would never reach your potential. I started off strong, applying for all the big name companies like companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon etc… I knew with the skills I had I was never going to be picked by them. Yet i remembered a quote that i saw from a TV series that stuck with me for a long time.And so I applied.

After a couple of weeks went by without any response (not that I expected them to either way) I started applying to local positions. I was faced with the overwhelming amount of requisites that were mandatory when applying for a mere internship position. Companies required me to know multiple programming languages ( and speaking languages) that I had never heard of. At that moment I thought of how hard it would be to land a job if finding an internship position is this difficult.Yet I persevered. Within the month I had applied for more than 30 companies, writing cover letter after cover letter as good as I could possibly make it just to try and get my foot through the door. Still I had nothing to show for all the work I had put in. Not even a rejection letter.

I felt disheartened due to the outcomes of this en devour. I had started to doubt myself if I was qualified enough for anything. I became paranoid that my CV was not good enough. My cover letters were not informative or personal. My enthusiasm for the job was not showing through enough to be recognized.

Then everything changed. A couple weeks back I got my first ever interview opportunity. It was a small local IT company that specialized in system and application development. This was my chance to show my capabilities and my strengths. I needed this to work out well since my university required me to start working within the next few weeks from that date. When the day of the interview came I was as prepared as  could ever be. But how prepared can you become? I revised all the skills I had listed in my CV, yet they asked me to code in a language I was unfamiliar with. They asked me brain teaser questions instead of practical development ideas and algorithms. I was very disappointed with how the technical interview went. I was sure they found a better person for the job.

Yet 3 days ago, they had contacted me with an offer for internship. I was relieved and excited, especially since i needed a confirmation by next week. I was set. I had thought that that would be the end of my search. I could not have been more wrong about it.

Just yesterday I received a very peculiar email. Since I had been conditioned to silence for the past 2-3 months I felt that this sudden mail was strange to say the least. I read through it line by line, with each one one heartbeat getting faster. It was a mail from a recruiter in one of the largest tech companies in the world: Facebook. They wanted to inform me about my shortlisting for internship in the US or UK. I was overjoyed from the response mail I had received. Technically my first response letter after applying for so many companies. I was so thrilled that I lost my thoughts on all the worse feeling that had been plaguing me for the past couple of months.

Then reality set in. After giving the mail a thorough read, I found out the internship time offered by them did not match with the university recommended dates. This would mean that if I chose to accept it, I would miss out on my final year recommended enrollment. This would just prolong my studies by another additional 6 months. On the other hand, it was Facebook. Would I ever get such a huge opportunity ever in my life? Would I regret not taking the chance or would I regret not finishing my studies earlier. I have to make a decision as quick as I can. My internship is to start soon. Either I take the one that is confirm from a local small company, or I try and reach for the stars with Facebook for a chance that is not confirmed. As I thought about this long and hard, I remembered that quote once again and I knew immediately what must be done.I leave you with this quote hoping that you find the inspiration to take the risks and opportunities that life throws at you, wherever you are, whatever the background, never stop trying.

“You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take.”
-Wayne Gretzky.



via Daily Prompt: Quicken.


9 thoughts on “Decisions Against Time

  1. It sounds like it’s been hard on you, so I’m glad you’re now standing with no one – but two posibilities! Choosing is hard, but it sounds like you don’t have any doubts about it. I wish you the best of luck:)
    and oh btw, I love the quote! It’s so true.

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  2. I had a similar experience applying to tech internships, not at all a fun process. Congrats on the one at the small company and good luck if you decide to pursue the one at Facebook!

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