A Casual Encounter

Have you ever wondered about the faces that would go disregarded as you live your life? Whether it be the man who ordered his coffee infront of you in line, or the crowds of faces that pass by when crossing the road, or the thousands of bodies that gather for a show or event that you had attended. Within this immense pool of people, only a handful leave an impact on our lives. Their touch on our souls leave us with an impression that time itself can never fade. I met one such person just last week, and I have not been able to stop thinking about it ever since.

It happened at an event that I was attending. I was one of the biggest event the region had seen in a while. People had started to line up in the early hours of the morning to get the chance to enter the event. I had wanted to attend such an event for quite sometime therefore I also lined up four hours before it started. As I sat there waiting in line I saw hundreds of people pass me by to join the line at the back. Countless faces, people that I would never be able to know for as long as I live. Yet every face has a story, every face has a conflict, every face confronts hardships, and here they are, like me taking their mind off the reality of the world that we live in by finding entertainment in what we love most. It does not matter what the event was, or who it catered to, it matters that it brought people of similar interest together, it matters that it helped create a community among diverse groups, that is what truly matters.

Among the sea of faces within the line that I had been waiting ever so patiently, someone from behind had called me. She was about the same age as me, looking at me with a face that was drained of its energy. She asked me how much longer it would take for us to get inside the hall. I gave her my best estimate by saying “another five days”. She smiled at me acknowledging the bad joke I had made. I turned around as to continue with my wait, thinking of it as but another conversation that I would forget with time. As this thought struck me, I decided to change its course< I decided to take action against it, I decided to ask her if she wanted to go through the event with me, to my surprise, she said yes.

While we waited in line, we talked about our interests, the events of our life, and our dreams. We had become close in just the few hours we spent in that line. When we were finally allowed inside the event, for me at least it mattered little. The event that I was looking forward to spending the whole day in became nothing but a way to spend time with this person that I had just met. Without hesitation, when she had gotten bored of the place, I myself found the place boring as well. With a bit of courage I decided to ask her out.

The rest of the day from lunch to dinner we had spend time in the company of each other, going to restaurants, a movie, an aquarium, a park, a mall. It was an interesting day to say the least. 20 hours; the first time I had spent so much a time with a stranger and I enjoyed the whole experience. When the night had finally come to an end, I remember staring at her as she climbed inside her ride. I remember thinking to myself, should I have said something? should I have made a move? Did I miss a chance at something more?

Ultimately, I know that she would not be one of the hundreds of thousands of faces that would pass me by. No; her face I will remember, I will remember the time we had spent with each other, the conversations we shared, the smiles she made. I remember a time I would say to myself that I would have no regrets in life. As the years go by, my regrets are ever increasing. Though we may never see each other again, I know that I will not regret this moment in life. An encounter to remember. Maybe it is better this way, as just a casual encounter, with the thought of what might have been.

via Daily Prompt: Casual.


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