Fragrance of the Forgotten

This is my final year in university. The culmination of what has been a journey of both learning of knowledge and life itself. As I sit here in the halls of my university library, I see a multitude of faces. Faces from different parts of the world, lost either in the depths of the books that they are reading or in conversation with another. Looking around I see this scene that is so familiar and yet at the same time not so familiar either. Looking back in the last couple of years, so much has changed that it has come to feel like a stranger to some extent

One of the greatest things that changed for me personally was the friends that I had made within the couple of years. I am an introverted person so I stick with only a handful of people that try to hold a conversation with me. Yet with every passing semester, slowly but surely, I feel as if they are departing from my life. Like a fragrance of a perfume. Strong and sharp from its first draw, yet with time diminishing in its potency.

I have come to accept the things that follow with the passage of time. Time is something that none have control over. Something that is always with you but also slipping away further and further. With time, this fragrance will become nothing more that a forgotten memory. Yet I remain hopeful. Hopeful that I enjoy the moments as they happen now. hopeful that the time I have left will be spent to its best. Hopeful that I go out with no regrets for when I do look back on these moments. It is easier said than done, but that wont stop me from trying.




via Daily Prompt: Fragrance


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