A Diamond in the Rough

What is perfection? Like beauty, is it in the eye of the beholder? Is it the state of maximum purity? Or is as the dictionary would suggest, the quality of having no flaws? These are the thoughts that circle my mind when I think of the word polished. It leads me to think of imperfection, the mistakes we make in life, the regrets we carry in our hearts, the flaws that follow our every step. I start to think of the diamonds in the rough. The diamonds that are our souls, waiting to be discovered and polished to its perfection.

To achieve perfection, one must determine if it is even possible.Looking around myself, I have not met anyone who I would deem perfect, most of all myself. I know I have flaws, flaws that I try to overcome every single day. I try to envision perfection in everything I do, whether it be in the daily tasks, my art forms or the work that I do. Sometimes I wonder if this itself could be considered a flaw. Trying to achieve perfection in things that truly can never be perfect, only leading to what people call a waste of time and effort.

Sometimes people tell me that it is too naive of me to think that perfection is something that could ever exist. The world is too dark to live up to the standard that I have set in my head. If something were to be perfect, it would mean that it has reached its full potential. There is no more room for improvement. Yet if time exists within perfection, then there is always time to better oneself. This is the only way perfection can exist, in a world without time.

This would mean that nothing is perfect in this world, at least not in the traditional sense. Perfection in this world as I believe it to be is like the diamond in the rough. A diamond ever improving with the passage of time, becoming ever more beautiful with every action that it takes. That is perfection in this world. We are all diamonds in the rough, trying to achieve the best possible form. Though it may be impossible to get there, just the fact that one dares to polish, who dares to persevere through, who dares to defy the impossible should be deemed perfect in ones own way.

via Daily Prompt: Polish


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