Wonders of the Imaginary

What do I see when I close my eyes? I see darkness that masks the boundaries of my limitation. I see this thin veil ready to be grasped and pulled off so as to access my deepest of thoughts and through it, my imagination.

It might be because I am introverted, but I love to get lost in thoughts and my imagination. Sometimes life can be cruel and unfair, and losing yourself in thoughts of happiness and wonder helps take the mind off the real things that happen on a daily basis. It is why I love to read fantasy over fiction, it is why I want to play games over watching the news, it is why I keep to myself instead of with others.

Imagination on top of everything, is what fuels creativity and innovation. Anything incredible that has ever happened on this earth first started as an impossibility, a thought to defy logic, a crazy imagination of the mind. I have dreamt and imagined a great many a thing for myself and for those who are in my life. I have hoped for happiness, I have imagined greatness, I have wanted success yet none comes close to fruition, only recently have I realized as to why.

Though imagination is critical in helping s aim for higher and better things in our lives, it is not enough to make it a reality. To make imagination into reality, one needs to put in the work. Just as it took work to imagine the things that you wanted, work must be put in reality to bring it to life. And only now do I see the importance of this in my own life.

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary


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