Close Yet Not Close Enough

Three weeks. That is all the time I have left in my internship, most probably even less. Time moves so fast that the past few months have felt like only a day that I had lost in deep slumber. Yet when I think of all the time that has passed within this internship, I can see an array of things that I had not known before it. Knowledge that I had gathered from the mistakes I have made, the research I had done and the works I had accomplished. I have met not only co-workers but hopefully lifelong friends who have stuck with me for the last months, taught me things I wouldn’t have known otherwise and shared moments that will last a lifetime.

I decided to reflect on the things I have done during this internship, one of which was my work. I calculated all the lines of code I had written and it is well above ten thousand. I probably have not written that much of code for all my university projects combined. I feel contended when I think of this. It is proof that I have taken my best shot at the opportunity I had been given and that in the end, I had learnt something worth knowing that would help me later on when I go back to university.

More importantly, I evaluated the bonds that I had forged within this small increment of time. I have found great people who are encouraging and helpful. People who are with you through thick and thin. People who strive to help me achieve my goals. These are the things I would cherish the most out of this experience. The moments where we would spend hours upon hours figuring out the best of things for the project at hand. The times when we had spent more than 48 hours of non stop programming with each other, enjoying every bit of time we had spent together and the places we went to relax after a good days work, figuring out the interests of others and their story of life. These are the things that would be engraved in my heart for years to come.

Yet I feel a sense of unease within these last few weeks. It is as though I have been here before. This feeling reminds me of the setting sun. That small moment just when the sun hits the horizon. When it envelopes the sky in colors of bright fire red. It is a spectacle to see. Yet within minutes the passion of the sun fades to a mellow host of pink and purple, until it fades completely to the darkness of the night. Though the sun shall rise and set once again tomorrow, it will not be the same as the sunset of today. It will not reflect upon the same clouds as it does today. It will not be on the same horizon as I sit looking right now, and it will not be shared or even remembered as I see it today.

Will this fleeting moment of my internship be another sunset in my life? Would I forget the people I have become good friends with like so many before them? Will I be just another memory for the lives that I have touched? We may have been close these past few months yet time can be cruel. Very few can stand the test of time and only time can tell if this is to be or not.

via Daily Prompt: Distant


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