Trace Towards Targets

For the most part of my life I have always been what you might call a very lais·sez-faire person. I have let life take its course, enjoying the times when happiness has shone on me as well as getting through the tough times that would fall upon my lap. Yet recently I have found myself on the complete opposite side of this spectrum.  I have found myself making goals and sticking to schedules and targets, and with this experience I have gained a whole new set of eyes and perspective on life and happiness itself.

It has now been almost two months since my internship had started and I would say that it has been going really well. I fully enjoy what I am currently doing as well as the environment that it takes place in. That being said I have felt yet again the fall into another pattern. A pattern that feels stale and dull. Within the first month I have mastered the scope of the work that I am currently held responsible for, to a point where that I feel as if I have learnt everything that I can from this internship. Sure that my mentor does point out small hints here and there but overall I feel like there is not much to be had from this internship. I have developed almost 90% of the main project of the company by myself, which impressed my superiors so much so that they are comfortable with me working from home as they can rely on me to complete my tasks within the allotted time.

This has brought me to think about my objectives in life. Already I have friends who are in their final year of degree and I am less than a month away from that same situation. I have no clue what I want to do for my final year project and moreover no clue on where I want to end up in the next 5 years. Though this has never scared me before, after some thought I realized that though I may not have to follow the designed map to my future life, it is important to have some form of achievable goals and objectives to keep myself motivated and improve myself day by day.

With this new found determination I have made a sort of a road map for the next 365 days. I have set goals in various field such as studies, personal relationships, activities as well as self improvement. Every now and then I take a look at these set goals and re-evaluate if they are achievable or not. If not I make sure to adjust them and motivate myself enough to get the things done for that allotted time. One such example was that I wanted to learn how to make android applications. I applied for an online course the day I had come up with that goal. And with every passing day, I make sure that I dedicate at the very least I dedicate an hours worth of my time into going through the course.

Keeping up such a vigorous regiment especially for me who I consider a very lazy person was tough. I found myself not enjoying the things I had started doing after a while yet dragging myself through even though that may have been the case. I knew that deep within that if I can keep up this regiment for a month that I would be able to adjust myself to this new lifestyle, a lifestyle that had objectives and targets to strive for. It is not easy keeping this kind of enthusiasm for extended period of time but I will keep on fighting. If I can make this hold to my soul I know for sure that this will help me become a better person. A person who aims to grow and become better than he was the day before. Nothing in life worth having is made to be easy.

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