Becoming Buff

I have never been the type of guy who is into any form of sports or physical exercise. In fact I have always been the complete opposite. I have avoided physical exercise like the plague whenever I could unless it was deemed mandatory by the education system.It is not that I do not see the benefits of exercise or physical workouts, but that I have had a much higher love for the more analytical and sciences and technology. Lost in this train of thought one day, I gave myself a challenge. I thought to myself that to understand another’s love for something, you must give it a try yourself. Not just a half-hearted try, but a truly meaningful one. And with the experience that I have gathered withing the past few months, I can safely say why there is such a love for the sports and physical fitness.

For the past couple of months, me and my housemate have been going to the gym almost everyday, in hopes to find the passion others have for fitness, something that we did not understand at all ourselves. We decided not to ‘half ass” our attempt thus we got ourselves gym gear, bought ourselves nutrients and supplements for post workout. and did hours upon hours of delightful research. We made plans to make a habit out of it to make sure that we get the full experience of this whole new sub culture that we are diving into.

The first couple of days were the toughest. After our workout, we would be exhausted to the point where we could not stand. Our bones and muscles aching from the pain of being used after what felt like decades of stillness. The hardest part was that the pain would not go away even after we were done with the workout. The pain would haunt us for the following days caring that weight everywhere we would go. I could not fathom why anyone would want to put themselves in such a situation.

Though my initial experience had me grasping for air, with every passing day I felt more at ease in the gym. I had grown accustomed to the regiment that I have built with my pain, sweat and effort. I could feel myself getting better, breaking my personal records day by day. Though everyday my body would be in pain from the workout, I would feel a sense of comfort in my soul. It has now become my way of meditating at the end of every day. Going to the gym and not having to think about the troubles in life and just lift weights or run or cycle for hours.

On top of this other people in my life had started to notice that I had been working out. Until then I had never thought of improving my own physical image, but when others had started to take notice, I started as well. It now almost feel like a game of self improvement. With more work you put in, the more you improve, the more you level up. I had finally begun to understand why people love to go to the gym almost religiously and I can see myself continuing this for the rest of m life as well. It’s not just about becoming more healthy physically, it is about mental relaxation. It is about self improvement and setting personal goals. It is about achievements and dedication. From the outside it may seem like an empty shell. You never know until you take the step forward and try it for yourself.

What I have taken from this experience more than anything else is to never judge a book by its cover. Though things may seem obvious from the outside, there are multiple levels that are only visible when you take the time to observe it more deeply. I have made good friends from various situations in life from the community of people who go to the gym. People who are looking to improve themselves. People who want to become more healthy in their life choices. Others who are just looking to take their mind off of their daily hectic lives. These days people are quick to just assume what a thing or person is all about without giving them the time to be understood. I would not want to be made that way, and for as long as I can, I would not want to do that to another either.


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