Thoughts on this Temporary life

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

Do you believe it? The idea that nothing in life is constant, that life is ever changing, be it benevolent or maleficent. The thought that whatever you may do to bring order to this lingering will, ultimately it will all come to change. This is what comes to me when I think of the idea of temporary.

There are many things in life that may seem as if they are constant, one of which is the sun. For as long as we have existed, the sun has shone brightly day in and day out. It rises from the east every day providing everyone with light and providing what seems to be an infinitely reusable source of energy. Yet if one were to observe it more closely, there is more to it than meets the eye. The sun itself is stuck in this loop of change. Its direction and power diminishing little by little until where there would come a time when it would be nothing more than a mere fraction of what it currently is today. When one’s life is too short to see the changes that take hundreds of millions of years, it is hard to distinguish it’s cause for change, yet it remains true to this whether we know it or not.

From astronomical perspective to a more deeper perspective, we can see that even within our daily lives nothing remains the same. The bonds that we construct with one another lost with time and the actions we take, the health we thought that we would have forever suddenly challenged by diseases once thought you would never get. I have experienced life’s slow knife to the heart and with it I have learnt many a lesson that I would never hope to forget.

I may have painted change as something fearful or unjust but it is far from the truth. Change can bring happiness to whatever it may touch along its path. It has the ability to provide opportunities that may once have been thought impossible. It grants the person a change in perspective and brings growth and a future wherever that may lead. Like the days in even the harshest of deserts where the sun’s scorching heat provides warmth to those who need it, the sun shall also set bringing cold winds that move the finest grains of sand ensuring rest for its inhabitants.

The almost labyrinthine like webs that life weaves every second of every day makes it so perplexing that one who wishes to understand it is left in awe of its complexities. Within this pool of randomness what almost all wish to accomplish is not so different. Though it may come in many forms such as financial stability, emotional and spiritual stability, to even the hold of power or the grasp of good health, ultimately it is the same: consistency. Though it may be hard to attain a constant form of consistency, I believe that life is more than that. It is about finding the silver lining in the darkest of situations and when happiness shines on you, enjoy it yet while being mindful that it will not last forever.

Thinking of the temporary provides me with happiness. It reminds me that nothing lasts forever, and that is OK. This just means that pain will not last forever, sadness will not last forever. There will come a time when change shall shine on me and I will rise to that occasion. For now, I shall find satisfaction through this thought until that day comes.

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on this Temporary life

  1. I really loved reading this piece. I struggle with sadness that may seem like it will last a lifetime and act accordingly. Everything is definitely temporary, and allowing your emotions to believe otherwise can only do harm in the long run. This writing has reminded me that not all things last forever, and that change is unavoidable. I always find myself trying to gain and keep control of my life so that I don’t undergo the sadness when the change is negative. But accepting these changes will make me comfortable and happier in the future. Thank you, would love to discuss some more.

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    • Thank you. And yes, sometimes its hard to keep in mind that nothing is constant. When life seems like its just throwing punches one after another, I always think to myself, this round will end, and next round I will win. Thanks again for the kind words.

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