Makings of an Apprentice

It has now been a complete month since I had started my internship. Internship that which I feared before it even began yet now it has become something I adore and look forward to. Though it may be called an internship, I feel as if the position I am currently at feels more like an apprenticeship than anything else.

From the multitudes of stories and experiences that I have heard from not only my friends who are currently in the position as I am now as well as from seniors who have done their internship long ago, I can say that my internship feels a lot different for a number of reasons which lead me to think that it might be more than what it seems from the outside.

Unlike a normal internship where they just hand you the work with minimal training, I feel like I receive more than a typical workplace. I have spent several hours of a day with my ‘mentor’ who dedicated his time to teach me things that I never knew even though I had no part to play in that particular section. Just yesterday he had taken me to meet his friend who was an encryption expert working for a large credit card company. We sat down at a local coffee chop and both of them taught me the basics of encryption until the sun had set for the day.

I was at first quite confused as to why anyone would do this, especially for a mere intern who is to stay for not even a full year at the position. I am no one in the bigger picture. Just a boy passing through a company so that he can continue with his life. A person who has no investments tied to either the company or the members within it. What is he to gain from doing any of this? What does the company gain?

It is true that the company does gain cheap labor from hiring someone in my position, that being said I also gain invaluable experience from working in the industry. It is a form of symbiosis in which both of the parties involved gain some advantage in their agreement with one another. With this agreement I have come far. I have learnt things that I would never have on my own. The encouragement and dedication of the team for the betterment of my skills is astounding and because of it I feel that I have to push further and further in terms of the quality of work that I do on a daily basis.

I know that a mere 3 months is not enough time to learn anything too advanced. It is just a fleeting moment in time compared to the countless months a company goes through in its life-cycle. It would replace me the day I walk back to the safety of university life, safe from the responsibilities and the cut-throat environment of the real world. Yet this feels different somehow. I have made great friends in just this first month alone. They have filled a good portion of the last month with memories to last a lifetime. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. An apprenticeship that I could not be more grateful for. Though I only have two months left here in this position with this family of friends, I will make the best of it as much as I can.

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