Thoughts under a Blanket

Life is tough and some days can be tougher. Days in which your energy to keep pushing through is exhausted beyond compensation. These are the days that make me want to just curl up in bed with my blanket wrapped around me and my thoughts to contemplate about.

Today is one of those days. Though I have a tonne of work and responsibilities that need to be kept on schedule, I feel like doing none of it. All I want to do today is to stay in my bed curled up with my blanket and wander into a deep sleep. I can be free from all these emotions and responsibilities when I am asleep. My blanket of vibrant blue would soothe my mind with thoughts of the deep abyss of the ocean, where there is only but the faintest of light and none to think about.

Right now I wish nothing more than for this week to be over. Too much is taking place all at the same time that I feel as if my mind may explode at a moments notice. Let this day be over soon so that I may return to the slumber that I most yearn for, with my blanket at my side.

I remember the first blanket that I ever used. I think it is still present in my parents home but I remember it very clearly.  It was of thick woolen material, woven with precision. I remember the sky blue flower pattern that was printed on top of the dark blue background. I did not like the feel of it at the start when I had used it almost ten years ago now, but it came to a point where I could not go to sleep without it.

Yet like with everything in life, there comes a time when roads of our taking must part ways. The blanket that I adored so much now was all bruised and dark. The soft touch of its smooth woolen layer now felt course and damaged by the multitudes of washes that it had been subjected to. Even with these flaws I kept using it up until it came to a point where my parents had to replace it.

I am not going to lie and say that I miss the blanket. It is true that it had provided me safety and comfort for a good portion of my life, and I will probably never forget how that blanket looked but that does not mean that I am hold on to that past forever. Rather than keeping me comfortable, it was causing pain. It has been discarded because its time had come, is this not true for everything in life?

via Daily Prompt: Blanket


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