Internship Interlude: Act 2

With every passing day I feel like I am learning more than I ever have done in the confines of the university walls. This internship has taught me so much beyond what I could possibly comprehend. Undoubtedly what I have studied in university is what has laid the foundation to what I am learning now. Even if this is the case, the foundation is just that, a foundation. That I think is something that a lot of my friends I study with do not really understand. You could learn to be a great programmer by taking all the programming courses provided in a university, but that will never prepare you for what the future might hold.

The past week started off the same as the last one, with me working from home. I am starting to sense this as a pattern at this point. I think the people I work with just like taking a three-day weekend as a routine. Even next week I have Monday off, not because of them but as it is a public holiday. I wonder if they will give me Tuesday as work from home day after that as well. In any case on that day I did almost nothing. I sat down to do some work at noon but found myself unmotivated. The work I get assigned is great, it is just that staying at home is just not my cup of tea. I think I am more productive outside of my comfort zone. Maybe next time I try working at a coffee shop. My supervisor tells me that it is the best place to work from for some reason. Should give that a try at least once.

The next day when I did go to the office, I was assigned to develop the encryption modules for the system that we were building. He taught me the basics of encryption and how to apply it to the framework that we were working on but other than that I had to do research by myself. I feel like I have done too well at my job. I know for a fact that I do this a lot of times, not just in the workplace but also in university and other activities. This results in me having to take on more work than I actually need to. People start expecting things from you and that can be dangerous. That opens up opportunity to let people down. That being said I still find myself excelling at work and doing the best I can, I guess that is just hardwired into me, for now at least. I finished the encryption modules that day itself but I waited till the next day just in case he gave me another full module to do.

Wednesday unlike the past two days was surprisingly different to say the least. I had almost no work given to me that day even though I told him I had finished the previous tasks. We went out for lunch to a fancy restaurant where he paid for my meals, which he normally does if we go to an expensive place. This time though it felt different, he took me to a place that was twice as high as our maximum lunch meal spending. I started to suspect that he knew it was my birthday. Though I did not say anything about it and neither did he but I could tell he knew. Of course he has my personal details on record but who really goes through their interns details right? The rest of the day was really weird as well. Instead of working, we talked about gaming and how he missed playing games. This is something I sometimes think about as well. As I age, I have noticed I have reduced the amount of time I spend on gaming, and wonder if at one point I would really stop forever. After reminiscing all the games we played, somehow I found myself playing Counter Strike with my boss. After playing that for hours he told me to head home early which I did not object to. I am very sure now that he knew it was my birthday. It was a silent celebration, one that I can truly appreciate.

When I had finally pushed my code on Thursday through Git, Ed gave me even more work, and again this time something completely new to me. APIs. Application Program Interfaces, how apps communicate with the back-end. He wanted me to develop the API for the whole system. I think it contained more than 14 endpoints and everything was just handed down to me. This time though he gave me quite a good run through the whole API architecture. This provided me with the basics to start the process. And before I knew it I lost myself in work. Sometimes when things do go right, programming can be somewhat of a peaceful experience. There is never a one way to code, though people have fought to standardize its process for as long as coding has been present, with good reason as well. That being said, the most fun of parts is when you come up with your own routes and ways to handle certain problems. That is when your think tank starts turning, and you find yourself overwhelmed with the possibilities. API was the definition of this work me.

On the last day of work I sat down with determination to finish everything by the week. The database queries took me sometime to master but at the end of the day, I had finished 11 out of the 14 complete endpoints of the APIs. When I had pushed all of my work at the end of the day Ed was surprised. He told me that I am too fast and that he will not have work to assign to me if I am to keep up this pace. That made me feel really nice. Made all the effort I put into the work worth it. It is a recognition of trust and knowing that he can rely on me to get the job done. It made me feel even more motivated to finish the project ways before its deadline. I might even have gotten a full-time job here if not for my final year. I think me and Ed make a great team. And his views on our teamwork has been nothing but praise. I hope that I can keep this up, especially next month when my priorities will completely flip. I guess I will find out soon enough but for now I am happy with where my work life is at and hopefully it stays that way.


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