Opaque: Thoughts, Actions and Future

Opaque. The unclear and the impenetrable. The obscure and the oblique. That is how I see my thoughts at this instant in time. Like the smooth waters of the river dragging coarse sands from its foundation. Like the embers of the winter winds punished by the summers scorching heat. Opaque are my thoughts, opaque are my actions and opaque are what my future holds.

” Absence makes the heart grow fonder “
William Shakespeare.

I believed in every word of that quote for as long as I can remember. Yet today I am unclear about what I think of it, today I question for its unfeigned meaning and finally today I shall append it for what it truly is. ” Absence makes the heart grow stronger “. I have met many a face on this river of life. These faces have brought me both merriness and melancholy  with every meander of this river, holding these moments in memories forever in my heart. And yet like the rivers that flow on this earth, my heart with time gets stronger. I myself find these faces fading, their memories becoming opaque. Sometimes just as right now, I wonder. Is it me that only sees it this way? Facebook tells me that I have been friends with this person six years, a person I branded as a brother long before. Yet now I remember very little, just the meanders and never the flow, undoubtedly the meanders shall fade and one will become nothing more than a stranger I once knew too well.

“Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?
Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!
How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,
Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.”
John Dryden

My thoughts lead to actions, actions that seem opaque, like the river right after its powerful and turbulent white waters. Water that swirls in pools and crashes with others. Water that is harmful but also powerful in its determination. Like the ways if the river, I too have made a plentiful of decisions within my time in this part of the river. They have potential to be fierce and foaming just as the river. In time as these streams become as smooth as silk, reflecting the skies and its surroundings as clear as a mirror on a wall. Though right now I may be paddling through the white waters of my river, there will come a time where I can make better decisions in my life, and what happens from here on out though it may look opaque, no matter the consequences they are coming closer and closer.

” Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences ”
Robert Louis Stevenson

The river must run its course. It must end its journey, accepting its fate to join the vastness of the ominous ocean. Its fresh water mixing with the salt of the sea. Unlike the river, my future remains opaque. It is still stuck inside the loop of what seems to be a never-ending stream of white water rapids, unclear and unafraid of what lies ahead. Unwavering to what the future might hold. Yet it is something that cannot be avoided. It is through these translucent waters that I feel my future is to be told. Future in uncertainty. Still the river will run, and it will meet its end. It is only a matter of how it chooses to meet that lies unclear. With any luck and perseverance, it meets its final act of its journey with open arms, to the welcoming waves of the ocean, becoming one at last.

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4 thoughts on “Opaque: Thoughts, Actions and Future

  1. This post was so poetic and deep, but what I really liked about it was the fact that if you don’t read between the lines, it’s difficult to see the realistic meaning behind it. Cryptic but beautiful!

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