Internship Interlude: Act I

The second week of internship got off to a great start. On Monday I was told  to work from home for the first time. Since I had already learnt the infrastructure of the system and the models that are being used, it came down to me just finishing my allotted work within the week. Monday flew by really fast. I sat down to do work at noon and finished my components before nightfall. After working from home, I would say I am definitely more productive when I go to the office. Since I enjoy the work I do therefore I do not mind going there, the only issue is the distance.

Tuesday I came in late, as per my supervisors wishes. I learnt how to connect the database to the project and manipulate the data. Made some front end designs and submitted them to my supervisor. I have not gone to the gym this week at all. I blame the distance between my home and office. After I do get home to refresh myself and eat something, the gym at my apartment closes for the day. My alternative is to go before work, but I do not think they open that early either.

Yesterday me and my supervisor implemented encryption for the back-end database. I do not fully understand it but it involves hashing, of that I am sure. Learnt quite a bit on that, should take a second look at the code to understand it for future implementations. We also transferred our work files to Git. Neither of us knew how it really worked so we spent few hours racking our brains on the subject. Ultimately I think it was a good move. Since my supervisor is no longer the only person to code, Git will help us to easily integrate and keep track of all our work. Came home really late since there was a huge traffic jam. I fell asleep directly after coming home, since I did not sleep well the other day.

Today I am to meet with a prospective client. I am not sure exactly how useful I would be in this sort of situation but I guess I will find out soon enough. Looking forward for the weekend where I can get back to some of my personal projects. Maybe work on the game I had planned to make previously. Working reduces time you have for yourself, even if it is as chill a job as mine. Weekends look better and better each passing day, just because you can concentrate on yourself more than any other day.

Tomorrow will be my first venture to API development. Not really sure what REST API is but I guess I will learn it from my supervisor. I would do some research before hand, but I do not really get that much free time for such things. Even last night I went back home to find myself working for another 2 hours or so to fix this bug I had on my system. Did not feel like going to bed without fixing it. Probably would have spent the whole night thinking about it if I did not.

I would like to believe that I have assimilated well enough to this specific work environment. Though this week has been just a bit more “compact” than the last, leading me to think if this would be a trend for the coming months. My supervisor has been giving me more work after I showed him my capabilities. I think that he thinks I know a lot more than I really do. Most of the time when I am handed work, the first thing I would need to do is to research on what it actually is, unlike him who goes straight at it. I do not fear more work, I welcome it. That does not mean that I would enjoy piles upon piles of it though, after all I am still but an intern. Only time will tell what my fate truly is, for now I am satisfied with the way things are. Life is great and hopefully it remains that way for quite some time.


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