Healing with a Hustle

The past few weeks have been quite a journey. I have had a lot on my plate compared to my normal state. One after another, hitting me right at the jaw, trying to crush my spirits. Yet I have come far in the past week alone, I have found my way to heal once more, this time through work.

My internship started just this past week, where I have found quite a beautiful routine to just get myself lost in. The work environment is like none I have seen. The people are like none I have encountered and the work I do is more satisfying than any I have done before. It is as though I have fallen into a coma, where I have found my ideal environment for me to heal.

I do not think I need to explain how wonderful my workplace environment is all over again. Every time I think of the place I think of how relaxed it is. Sometime ago I had decided that I would return to my country when I had finished my studies  so that I could work there, but after going to this place, I would not mind having a permanent job such as this.

Speaking of the work that I do, it heavily rotates around the whole web application development environment. I had done an introductory course on this before but what I have been tasked with in the workplace is quite different and more complex, and I like it. It has given me something to focus on, something to take my mind off, something to help me heal. Learning new skills and solely concentrating on that has made me forget quite a lot of things from the past weeks. The fact that I love my work might be a huge factor as well. Never before this have I ever worked on php programming but I find it to be very exciting, especially learning the MVC framework and its flexibility.

Next week I am to submit my work and present it to the stakeholders of the application. My first official meeting. There is still a lot left undone but  this just means that I will be more preoccupied with work than ever before, helping me heal even further, There is quite a serenity in just sitting at the desk and writing line upon line of code. The soothing sounds made by the taps of the mechanical keyboard being mixed with the music being played throughout the office. The dark screen that emits its light upon my face while the commotion of the streets take place just behind the window. The heat the emanates from the sunlight mixing in with the cold breeze from the vent just next to my chair.. Time flies really fast each day, and I love it for this.

I also started focusing on my health once again, for the first time this year. I have made time everyday for the past week to go to the gym to exercise. I have started to eat more normally, unlike the one meal per day thing I had going on for the past who knows when. I have started to sleep early and wake up early, mostly because I have work but that being said they do not force me to come early. Overall I feel great. The troubles still loom over my head yet I feel them slowly but surely draw away from me.

“Time heals all wounds”, at least that is what they say. That may be true but wounds that go deep leave scars. Things will never be the same and I do not wish it so. If not for the hardships you face, what makes you , you?

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