Power of Passports

For some time, me and my friends have been wondering about the power of passports, how having a particular one from one country gives you better benefits while another one may make your life more difficult. The funny thing is you do not decide what passport you get, life decides for you, at first to say the least.

Just today I submitted my passport for my visa renewal. As I live in a foreign country for my education, they require me to renew my student visa every year, and it was that time of the year for me once more, hopefully for the last time. I personally have not found any difficulties in getting to the countries that I normally travel to but that being said I have friends who face a lot of injustice and stereotyping from governments and customs alike.

When I first arrived in this foreign land, there were a couple of things that needed to be done to get myself settled in this new environment, one of which was opening a local bank account so that I can handle my expenses and allowances easily, For me it was a smooth ride but some of my friends had a completely different experience. They had to jumps through several hoops of bureaucracy and restrictions that they had to go through almost 2 months without a bank account in the country. This may not seem like much to some people but for students who are trying to save as much as possible on expenses, it meant having to fine charges from your home bank just to send money every time. This is one of the reasons I think that cryptocurrency is the way of the future, but that is a subject for another article.

Other than being racially stereotyped, having a particular passport restricts your hopes of ever travelling the world. Last year me and my housemates decided to take a road-trip to a neighboring country only to find out that one of my friends to be denied entry, another stopped and questioned by immigration in a solitary room for what felt like hours. “Random checks” they call it, and it could very well be. That being said I saw no one else being stopped for random checks the whole time I waited near the line for my friend to finish his interrogation.

This is the world we live in. I get reminded about how unfair the world really is everywhere I look. I have come to accept this fact of life. The fact that life is never going to be fair and there is no point in complaining about it. You might be dealt a bad hand by life but that only means you have more to gain by trying. A passport that you own or where you were born does not define you. It is the actions that you take and the determination you have to fight and overcome the injustice that defines who you are.

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