Swimming into Uncharted Waters

3 Days. That is all I have. All the time I have left till my life goes haywire. Before shit hits the fan. In 3 days my life will be sold to modern day slavery, what people call internships.

Before this week started, I had a very optimistic outlook on internships. I had thought of it as the opportunity to develop and hone my current skills as well as gain experience of how the real world really works. I had thought that this would be a walk in the park or something at least I would enjoy and take with me for the rest of my life. But from the experiences my friends have been telling me for the past week, it is not the case. My housemate had started his internship a week earlier than me. His is doing his internship for a startup company, which I will not name for the sake of his privacy, but one that is currently very huge and noted in my region.

One of the great things I thought that being within the tech industry is that there are not that much physical labor involved, especially in software engineering. I had previously held work that involved some form of physical labor. Though it was a part time gig, I had felt a huge strain on myself during that time, mostly because the working hours were very unusual. I was a ground operations officer for private airplanes and that sort, meaning I had to adjust my time to the convenience of the customers, sometimes having to work till 2 or even 4 in the morning. Then I heard about the work that one of my other friend who studies hospitality industry goes through. That was hard work, more so than anything I have ever known in my life, or would probably ever experience, surely internship for me can never be that hard.

That being said I was proven wrong by my housemate this week, He leaves for work from home at around 8 and comes back home no sooner than 9 at night. That is a 13 hour  work schedule. A work schedule of pain and agony. The funny thing is university never prepares you for the shit you are to deal such as this. I do not think anything can prepare you for shit such as this. The lunch break and the dinner break cannot be even called breaks. They work while having lunch and dinner! Discussing how to program whatever they are working on and trying to figure out solutions to their bugs.

When I had heard this news from him for the first time I was shocked. Having to work almost 13 hours straight is maddening to me. Its not like he gets paid much either. I do not think it could be even considered minimum wage. He tries to justify it by saying that it is all about the experience and I do believe there is some truth to that. According to him the production level coding and programming is on another level compared to what we have done in university. He is currently learning more about what is takes to publish and make a high end product, not by the company though, by himself. Yet when he had brought the story up I could feel his pain when is was telling it. I could feel the amount of exhaustion that he is to face for the next 3 months of his life. The only question remaining is, is this to be my fate as well?

I had thought that this was something I could handle. Surely I am not new to work so why should this be any different. Yet fear has held on in my heart. I could potentially be facing either one of the best experiences of my life or one of the worst experiences of my life. Even thinking about it now makes me feel nervous. Only time will tell what my fate holds. 3 days. 3 days and I jump into uncharted territory. I have faced worse situations than this and this will not make me falter, I will not let it. I shall face this head on and with strength and hopefully my strength lasts me for the whole duration of this en devour.

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8 thoughts on “Swimming into Uncharted Waters

  1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I think it’s normal for companies to take advantage of interns, who they primarily view as a cost savings. What better way to keep expenditure low than hire cheap/free labor, especially young and eager-to-please students willing to do anything to get their careers started.

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    • Yeah, the sad part is there is no way to break the cycle. To get a good job you must have experience and to get experience there,s no other alternative than internship, not at least any I know of.


  2. Good luck with your internship, well I am in training to become a lawyer. And at times they use me. But I remain confident and ask them to give me tasks which aren’t minor tasks. You will find that some adults will not like it that you have better ideas and techniques, key thing is; remain confident. Voice your opinion. And always ask for more tasks. Yet at the same time be vigilant of changes around you.

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  3. Be it the best experience or the worst experience, you will for sure end up learning something of value. My shitty internship experience taught me a lot things. I am pretty sure yours will too.

    Either way, worst case scenario you just walk away and find something else. Always remember that you can walk away and start over tho, if you wanted to.

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