Symbiosis of Souls

Symbiosis is such an intriguing topic is it not? The act of co existing with multiple types of organisms so as to provide advantages to each other in their lives is just fascinating. We are talking about species that have little to almost no brains in some cases, working with each other to achieve an advantage from another. That amazes me to this day. People may think that it is ludicrous to think so high of such a common phenomenon that can be seen within the kingdom of the wild but there is much that they could teach us humans who know prize ourselves as being so smart.

One of the most amazing symbiotic relationships that I have witnessed is the symbiosis between the clown fish and the sea anemones. The sea anemones are naturally dangerous to almost all the small fish that live in the reef as they poison any that gets close enough for them to project their poison. Yet you cannot find a clown fish that does not live with a seas anemone. They reside among the poison tentacles, free from the torture as the anemone is accepting of its friend. In turn for providing safe haven for the clown fish to reside in, it helps the sea anemone defend against predators that could be too big to be affected by its poison. This is their reality, a friendship formed in the chaos that is the wilderness.

Then there are the other form of symbiosis. The form where one takes without giving. The parasites of the world, where one organism would take advantage of the other almost completely to a point where that other organism would even die. One great example that could be observed are the jewel wasps. They are one unique insect. When the female wasp needs to lay her eggs, rather than setting it up in a hole like other wasps, the jewel wasp would lay it inside other insects. The larvae would then continue to devour its host alive until it grows fully into an adult jewel wasp.

I guess in both ways there are similarities to us humans. There are the really good people in our lives who help us out whenever we need it in life. The people who you can trust to have your back in any situation no matter what. The people who care about your well being. These are the people I want to be surrounded by. These are the people I would care for more, because if you do I can safely say that they will too.

On the other hand, through our journey of life, sometimes we would meet the other type of people representing the bad side of symbiosis. The people who care only for themselves. The people who take, take and take even more without giving an ounce themselves. The people who in reality that do not really care about you but is willing to put up a facade so that they can trick you to take advantage of you even more.

I know that there is no sure fire way of avoiding such circumstances, but I do wish that there was. I would not want myself or anyone that I truly care for be taken advantage of in any way. I would not want anyone to be taken advantage of at all. Yet life will test us all, and at times we have to be tough and vigilant. There will always come a time in any sort of relationship where you would question the symbiosis of your souls. How you would match with the personality of another. It may be difficult to make an unbiased choice sometimes but choices must be made and followed through, whether you would like the outcome or not, hopefully you will.

” A World is not an ideology nor a scientific institution, nor is it even a system of ideologies; rather, it is a structure of unconscious relations and symbiotic processes.”
William Irwin Thompson

via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis


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