Going Against Instinct

Instinct seems to be so revered among our society these days. People talk about “gut feelings” and their drive to take an action, blindly because a certain stimulus from the environment demands it so. Yet recently I have come to know its true form, at least in my perspective, leading me to treat instinct in a whole new different light.

It is true that most of the time instinct is a great thing to have. It tells you when you might be in danger or what to expect from a situation. On the other hand, as humans who have the power of knowledge and science, is it really important that we follow instincts blindly? Are we not capable of more? to learn and to asses rather than judge and act by first glance?

Believe it or not, there are times that your own instinct will betray you. Let me take a modern example. If you were driving your car and suddenly saw another car coming to sideswipe you, I am sure your instinct will tell you to brake. In reality, if you were to accelerate, you have a higher chance of surviving the crash, or even avoiding it altogether.

There are many other ways that instinct could betray true judgement. The good thing about being human though is unlike the rest of the species, we have the ability to learn. We have the ability to analyze a situation from multiple perspectives. We have the power to share our collective experiences and then override our instincts all together. Yer our current culture wants us to embrace our own “unique” instincts.

“Trust your Instincts” or “Follow your Instincts” is the message that is being spread. Though it can be seen as a good message, why settle for good? Why not reach for a better one everyday? Why not learn from the mistakes by people who followed their instinct? Would that not be the better route? Would you not want to avoid the hardships that may befall from a quick judgment that you made due to impulse or instinct as it were?

These are the thoughts that come to me whenever someone mentions instinct. I personally believe that we are capable of more that what can be defined as an “inherent inclination to a complex behavior”. I would like to believe that we are more. I want to strive for more, wouldn’t you?

via Daily Prompt:  Instinct


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