Keeping Record of a Life

I have always been one of those people who wanted to live my life in the moment. Take in the excitement and the activities of the now and enjoy it all during that instance in time. It had never occurred to me that during this day and age where technology has advanced so much even just within the last few decades that there is almost an unlimited amount of ways one could go about recording out lives and the moments in it, to be enjoyed later and even multiple a time with others who were not even there.

I only found out about these applications and services relatively recently, when I had started my degree in software engineering. Even before I had enrolled for the course, I was always into technology but never really got hands on with it. The first ever technology I actually owned with my own cash was a PlayStation 3. I had bought it after saving up a years worth of cash that I had gathered from gifts from my birthday and by doing odd jobs for my uncles as well as chores around the house. I think during that time, I was satisfied with my involvement in technology. I did not need much other than my beloved PlayStation 3.

Then after some years, I had received my first smartphone from my parents. Even with all the doors that had opened up with the opportunity of a smartphone, I had not done much with it. I used it mostly for messaging people and to play a lot of mobile games. It helped that I was always an introverted person. On a side note people tend to think introverts are all asocial people who want nothing to do with anyone else. That is not the case, it is just that I tend to prefer hanging out with myself in my thoughts rather than with others most of the time. And I do enjoy hanging out with others, in moderation. Getting back to the topic, I think even back then with the limitless about of social applications that were abundantly available for social use, the only thing I had at that time was Facebook, only cause all my friends had them.

That being said recently, I have found myself using a lot of social media in my daily life. I have signed up for all these applications like Snapchat and Instagram. Even this blog for instance where I have begun to record my thoughts and ideas that I think of during a particular day. Then there are the people who record every day of their life in the form of video logging or more commonly known as vlogging. All of which help people to keep track of what they have done and share it with the rest of the world.

It is not to say that these services are bad. I believe that these services arose due to a demand by the people themselves. Who would not want to share pictures and videos of their latest travel to exotic locations? Who would not want to look back on all the fun times that they have had during their lives? Who would not want to see what they had thought about the world a few years ago, see how ones thought process and ideologies have changed within that short span of time? But when does sharing become oversharing?

Even now governments and organizations are keeping track of everyone’s personal information for their own use. The NSA can store a years worth of metatdata collected from a single person for prolonged periods of time. When does sharing cross the boundary of personal privacy? Some people believe that as long as you do not have anything to hide, there is nothing to worry about huge corporations and governments spying on your every action. Then there are others who believe that it is a breach of basic human rights of having and keeping their personal information.

Just today I got a call from “Microsoft Azure” wanting to confirm my subscription type and asking for my personal information. I swiftly made an excuse and did a bit of research into the number that had called me, and through that research I found that it was a phishing scam. Undoubtedly I did subscribe for Azure services (about a month ago) but I never asked for their customer support. I asked others who had subscribed with me regarding if they had gotten same calls and sure enough they did. Information leaks such as this even from a company like Microsoft is inevitable and thus the reason for my concern.

Whichever side of the spectrum you find yourself in this situation, just know this: Be careful of what you share on the vastness that is the internet. There are always going to be people who would want to take advantage of you and what you have to offer, whether it be your personal information or even the things you have shared or posted. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy the use of these applications. I have found my time in Instagram and Snapchat quite enjoyable if I do say so myself!

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5 thoughts on “Keeping Record of a Life

  1. Interesting post. These same thoughts have played around in my mind as well in the past few months, since I have been more active in blogging. I personally started to do some videos of when I go out with family and friends, posting it on YouTube… and writing about it on my blog. When it comes to more sensitive information though, I get cautious. Before I sign up for a website, I do a quick search if it is legit.

    Technology has given us so much opportunities to do so many things, but it has also made us vulnerable to malicious attacks.

    P.S. Totally relate to the introvert thing, btw. 😉

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    • Very true. I think people who are not that tech savvy don’t know the risks involved. It helps to be informed about such things and how to avoid them. With that knowledge you could enjoy everything technology has to offer! Thanks for reading!!

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      • I get what you mean. One of my aunties actually posted a national ID on Facebook (she just opened her account then). And we were horrified! We immediately sent her a message (me and her daughter, my cousin) to take it down because it contained personal information. She was so excited that she got a new ID that she wanted to post it on FB.

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  2. Nicely written!. We all or most of us are living in a moment and keeping the records digitally. Hopefully to go back and playback. Not sure, how many of us can do it. Technology is evolving…and meantime there individuals who are tracking our information to call us to validate as you got a call from the Customer Service.

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