Locked into a Pattern

Life is full of Patterns. They dictate how the world works, its rules and structure. It is something without which we as a species would not be where we are today. Recognition of patterns present in our environment and the things that take shape within said environment has not only made our lives that much easier but also provided us with monumental volumes upon volumes of knowledge for us to understand and grow as people.

It is not only in nature that we find patterns, we can identify them in our own daily lives. For the past two years or so I have been attending university for my studies. The days pass so quickly that sometimes I would not remember anything worth remembering from those days. Locked into a recursive pattern, I have been doing almost the same thing for a long time. Though that may be my current pattern, I dream of doing something more. I wish to make time for my own, travel to places I wished to visit. Try the things that I have only heard from others experiences.

Yet I am here, locked in this pattern of the university life. It is not to say that this pattern in itself is boring or inferior to any other, it is just that it does not fulfill the desires that I currently dream of. On the other hand, this life is pleasing in its own way. It has almost a trance like effect on me where I can expect to know what I need to do and what would happen without having to worry for the most part. It would add in some fun moments into this patter to prevent myself from wandering off this road.

It is a good life, but I know that it is not the best I am capable of. Thinking about my own patterns have made me realize the constraints and limitations that have been set upon me by none other than myself. If I ever choose to alter this reality, break away from this pattern of life that I am currently living, where would I go? What would I do? Will I have the velleity to follow through? These are the questions that stop me from moving forward. These are the fears I need to overcome.

Ultimately, I think there is no escape from sinking into a pattern. Everything has it, and it is  as so for a reason.Escape from one pattern will lead you to follow another, and then another and another. For me, I believe the goal of life is to find the pattern that you are most comfortable with. The one that would provide the things that you have wanted present in your daily life. Though I may be locked in this current pattern for now, I do not wish to live it for the rest of my life. I wish to strive for the best that I can do. I wish to achieve the pattern in life of which I can be happy with.

For now I will make do with the hand that life has dealt me. It may seem as if I am giving up but I must assure myself that I am not. I am merely accepting the state in which I currently exist. Acceptance is the first step for a better tomorrow. If you can find what you desire out of life and accept the distance between you and those dreams, then it is just a matter of putting in the work, and I intend to put in all of what I have to achieve my dreams, not a grain of sand less.

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6 thoughts on “Locked into a Pattern

  1. I still remember my university days. With the classes I disliked, it felt like I was stuck in a pattern and wondering how to get out. But I think you are right in that there is a pattern after ever pattern. Just that perhaps some patterns are longer than others. Good luck.

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  2. Patterns are good. They make life easier and give our brains a rest every now and then, I think.

    I read some interesting articles about Filter Bubbles lately, though. It’s interesting stuff and important to be conscious of!

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