Vivid Memories of Island Forgotten

I never got to fully connect with my grandfathers from both sides of my parents. Before I had been born, my grandfather from my mother’s side had already passed away and we were settled in another island from my grandfather from my father’s side. I did not get to meet him that much due to the distance and the fact that he passed away before I grew up, but I remember one trip very vividly. A trip in which me and my grandfather shared a fleeting moment in time, encapsulated forever in my heart.

If memory serves me correctly,  this was when I was maybe 6 to 7 years old. My family had decided to go to my father’s home island for our vacation. The island is really small, I think less than 400 people lived there during that time, yet the island is very well-known throughout the country for its rich history. There are no ports or anything of that sorts located for the island, so you would have to get on a small boat that will get as close as the reefs would allow, and then just jump off to the water. I found this quite scary back then, but now I think would enjoy doing that again.

I remember the mere instance of when my feet had touched the white sand of the beaches after making myself from the water, I had felt a sense of tranquility that I had not felt before. Coming from a place commotion and action, this was a drastic change of pace, and I liked it. We settled our things at my father’s house and went out to explore. There were a number of my fathers relatives that wanted to meet me. We went from one house to another meeting family after family, all of whom were very welcoming and kind. the island was closely knit with a sense of community and you can really feel that once you meet them.

Most of my time spent there is now a haze. I do not quite remember all of what I had done during that trip. I know I had made good friends, whom I lost contact with the second I left. I had met my father’s side of the family, whom I do not remember except the few who visit our home. I do not remember my grandmother, who loved me oh so much during that small time we had spent on that island. These memories now fell bitter-sweet. A sense of regret of not visiting them more often. I remember back then they would call every time when my summer holidays drew close. They would ask me and my family to visit and we would reject. I know that I could not have done much as I was too young back then yet I wish I had.

The most memorable moment I shared on that island was with my grandfather. I think it was the day before I had left for my home, me and my grandfather went to the seaside to play on the beach. Like any other beach of the country, it was as white and soft as the clouds that flew above our heads. The waves of the ocean would ebb away from us ever so gently so as to not frighten the ghost crabs that called the shore its home. He would sit on the side while I ran from end to end the crabs, present in multitudes on the surface. They would scuttle to their burrows as I chased and I would find another to chase after. My grandfather saw my failed attempts at catching said crabs and offered to help.

I do not quite remember how he did it but I remember it being swift. Maybe his decades of island life helped. He tied a string around one of the claws of the crab and gave it to me. I remember this short few hours the most among all of the time I had spent on that island. It was the epitome of island life. The peace and tranquility that you experience is unfathomable. Thinking about it now, I think I can understand why people call it paradise. I can understand why my father would want to retire there as well.

I hope to visit this island once again, maybe when I am done with my studies. I heard they now have a port so it is going to be easier to get there. The people I met probably wont recognize me now, it has been more than a decade since they have seen me. Unless my dad sends them pictures. Either way, I am sure that without hesitation, just as before, the connections would form, friends will be made and moments will be re-experienced, to which I can not wait. But for now I will suffice with these memories of my time in paradise with my family and connection to the world.

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