The Desire for Impact

Life is short, there is no denying that. Take a second to think about how fast life really passes you by. It is unbelievable how quick it shifts. “Just yesterday” was I without a worry in the world, living the life of a simple kid. “Just yesterday” was I enjoying life with what I loved to do. Just Yesterday. Yet it has been several years. Years in which I almost remember nothing, to years that have been filled with good memories and years with the sad ones. Thinking about it now, I feel as if within these years, there have been almost none in which I can safely say that I have made any impact or change.

In retrospect, I think I never really wanted to be that type of person. A person for change, leadership or enthusiasm. I have been more of a support guy, the one in the background, the one behind the stage helping others to achieve their goals. I feel more at ease when the spotlight are focused on others than myself. Yet I desire to make an impact. A desire to make a change in the world I live in, no matter how small it may be.

For the longest part of my life I believed that to make a change you have to be the best in what you do. Whenever I would think of impact and change, my mind would jump to the cream of the crop of what humanity has to offer. People the likes of world leaders, people who are on the bleeding edge of innovation and technology and science. These are the men and women of the future. These are the people for change. I was fine with this thought process, until now.

I have come to realize that constricting the notion of impact and change to just a handful of people is shortsighted. Why should a regular guy living a regular life not be able to make the difference? Why should a living breathing person who can think their own thoughts and form their own opinions and actions be considered insignificant? I refuse to accept this. Even if my actions may not bring a global change, I wish to bring even the most microscopic of changes to the people and environment around me.

For the past month or so, I vowed to myself to make a change no matter how small it may be. I figured if I wanted to make a change, I needed to start with myself. One thing that I always thought of doing was becoming more environment friendly. Minimize my carbon footprint on this planet. Even when knowing that compared to major corporations, mine is just a spot on a piece of paper, I stared the change myself.

These couple of months I have almost completely eliminated consumption of plastic bags and other disposable plastic materials. This includes the grocery bags that I would get every single day I bought anything at the store, to cups and packaging that goes with outside food such as that which is available in fast food stores. I began to refill instead of re-buy. I began to conserve instead of consume. It has not been easy to say the least. There have been times in the beginning when I would falter from my course but then I would remember my goals and keep on pushing myself to my limits. I am here now and I exist within this fleeting moment and thus what I do, like any other, counts.

From this short experience of just a couple of months, I have made a change to the way I live, and in doing so I have made an impact no matter how insignificant, it is still a change, a change i wish to protect for as long as I possibly can. We are here on this planet right now living our lives. Why not give a little more than we take?

The seasons fly,
A man stands where a boy once stood,
His path unfolds,
And unafraid he walks in service of a greater good,
Deeper and deeper the lessons he has known,
Over and over the message he is surely being shown.

You’ve got to give a little more than you take,
You’ve got to leave a little more than was here,
You maybe prideful of the strides you will make,
But keep one thing clear,

You’re just a player in a much bigger plan,
And still you have to give it all that you can,
The very measure of your soul is at stake,
You’ve got to give a little more than you take.
-Danny Pelfrey [More than you take]

via Daily Prompt: Desire


2 thoughts on “The Desire for Impact

  1. one thing youve done, is saved me the trouble of writing this. it echoes a lot of feelings i have about my life. its beautifully done.

    to say “i can relate” is an understatement. i dont want to change the world– i want to do things that we all can do– that together, change the world, as a people. namaste.

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