Not Knowing Squat

Sometimes I drift into deep thoughts about life and the universe. Even through all the work, stress and deadlines that are just a nights sleep away from me, I seem to find myself lost in my own thoughts. I wonder why I keep losing myself in these moments of contemplation. Is it because I am trying to procrastinate in fear of failure? Is it just a way that I have adopted to process the environment around me? Often these thoughts ultimately lead me to think of a bigger picture, about the universe itself and how I don’t know squat.

I know that we as a species have made great strides in collection of information and the ability to interpret said information for a better understanding. Yet even in a planetary perspective, we are so minuscule. I start thinking about this place right here: Earth. It has been deduced that we do not know 86% of the species that lived on this small planet. Still unknown are the beauties and mysteries of our own planet, yet we as a species keep on destroying that mere 14% of the things we do.

Taking this to an even more wider perspective, I lose myself thinking about the universe itself. How much that has been discovered about the universe as well as the daunting fact of how little we know about it. Four percent. That is all we know about anything in this whole universe. Everything else is unknown. We have regular materials and objects (which still we fully do not understand) and then there are dark matter. Things we literally know absolutely nothing about other than that they are completely invisible. Then we have the sources of energy. We extract oil from our planet, build solar farms and wind mills as alternatives. And then there is dark energy. Energy that is powering 73 percent of the universe, yet all we can do is hypothesize about these illusive forces for now.

Then I would think of the many who dedicate their lives to understanding more about these forces. I know the work they do is important. They are the ones that propel us as a species to become better, their discoveries are what makes our lives easy and smarter. And even still, sometimes I wonder if they are just chasing a hopeless cause. Do we really need to understand everything about how the world works? Is it even going to be comprehensible to a species that has only existed for 200,000 years to understand something so huge and complex as the universe that has existed for almost 14 billion years?

These moments of cogitation are what I yearn more of. It reminds me to be humble and understanding about the things that happen to me. Life is an uncontrollable force. You can try to sway it to your will but surely it will take its own course at some point. Understanding the undeniable fact that we know so little, not just about the universe but of others around us is what engraves empathy to the soul. It is what helps you control your emotions, even when what another might have done made your blood boil and your bones melt.

via Daily Prompt: Squat


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