Living Alone for the First Time

It has been two years since I started to live away from my parents. I moved to a whole new country in the pursuit of knowledge, knowing almost nothing about the place I was heading to or the difficulty in adapting to a new environment. Yet two years later, I would think that I have done well enough. I have learnt the ways and mastered the skills of living and doing things by myself. Yet I was not the same when I first started two years ago.

Before all this, I was completely tended to by my parents. They would take me to places I needed to go to, cook me food, tend to the house. Without a doubt I was overindulged by my parents. I am not sure if they were being overprotective of me because of my past or they were just naturally inclined to provide a better life for me than they did when they were at my age. Either way looking back, without a doubt I possessed zero life skills. And suddenly without it, I had found myself moving to another country by myself.

When I first arrived to this new land, I had done so with my father. He had accompanied me for the first two days knowing full well I would not know how to do anything by myself. At this point still, I remained calm about everything. My father being with me helped me set up my health insurance, banking as well as official enrollment to my university, all of which I would have horribly failed at if not for him. When he left, things started coming into perspective. I was alone, none of my other “housemates” had yet arrived in my temporary dorm provided by the university.

I made a list of things I needed to do to live by myself. Buy, groceries, make food, get water, clean clothes, clean room, find a way to get to classes (I lived five kilometers away from the campus). I was overwhelmed with the the things that I had to learn within the short amount of time. I remember trying to get drinking water for the first time. I had gone to a plaza that was about a couple kilometers away from where I lived. I bought some groceries, and 10 liters worth of drinking water. I carried that all the way to my apartment to find out there was a little 24 hour shop that sols the exact stuff I had just bought. I felt really dumb. Looking back almost everything I did was counter intuitive. I remember taking a cab to the university for the first few weeks. They charged me quite a lot for the rides. I only came to know about the university bus after I had made some friends.

Those few weeks were extremely harsh. Yet without those experience I am not sure if I would be where I am today. As you go about it, you learn things that make life easier. Now when I come across anything overwhelming, I follow some basic rules. Break it down to simpler actions, and find ways in resolving these problems and making it more efficient. These are the rules I live by now. Nothing is too much when you put in the effort to make it work.

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming


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