Qualifying for Family Oversight

For the most part of my life, I have lived with my family of five consisting of my parents, myself as the eldest, one year younger sister and a whopping ten year difference with my younger brother. My father being the bread winner of the family has done more than required to provide a better life for everyone. He dreams of one day retiring to his childhood home and spending the rest of his time doing gardening and improvement to his house project. And without a doubt I believe that my parents do deserve the retirements of their dreams. But being the eldest of he family am I ready to take on the responsibility ?

Some time ago my father had discussed with me about his retirement plans. How he plans on going back to his small island home and enjoying peace, quiet and comfort of the simple life. And mostly there is little stopping him. His eldest daughter and son already doing their degrees abroad, himself having a business set up with enough income for support and his childhood home to retire to. Then there is my little brother. Do not get me wrong, I love my brother very much and so does the rest of the family but the problem that arises now is if my parents choose to retire, he would either have to move to the simple life, void of any good education or move in with someone from the family. You guessed it right, that someone is to be me.

Even now, I am still surprised and overwhelmed with this passage of responsibility. I may act like I am mature but most of the time I have no clue what I am doing. Being given the responsibility of taking care of another human being is huge (for me at least). Yet my parents (but mostly just my dad) wants me to take care of him abroad so that he can get better education while my parents retire. Uncertainty has loomed over this for the longest time. Am I just blowing something out of proportions? Is this too much for someone who is as young as me? Can I handle such a situation? These are the questions I ask myself every time this subject pops up.

The thought that follow are no less important either. I think about all the times my parents have done so much for me. The time they went through several months in a foreign land to treat my cancer, the times that my dad worked multiple shifts of his job so that we could live in the comfort that we were used to, and every day and night that my mother would spend doing house work so that food would be on the table, our clothes would be clean. How she taught me and my siblings how to learn and how to be a good person. Do they not deserve the break. Should I not be the one to give it?

You might think that they are my parents, aren’t they supposed to do that? That may be the case but how many actually do? How many children do you see that do not have a home to go to. How many have been abandoned by others. Should I not be thankful for the life and opportunities that my parents have provided me?

I still have a couple years before this becomes my reality. Within this time, can I overcome my fears of responsibility? Can I take charge of family oversight? Will I be up for the challenge. I can only hope. If I can do half as good as my parents, I would be happy.

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4 thoughts on “Qualifying for Family Oversight

  1. what an awesome opportunity and awesome responsibility. it would definitely bring you closer, at least in the short run and likely altogether.

    regarding the other option, educational options are only increasing, provided that wherver this “simple life” is, they have internet.

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