Finding Aesthetics in the Unlikely

Most people think that creative forms of expression exists only within the form of art but this is not the case. Art is a very broad subject. It encompasses many other fields ranging from your regular forms of paintings, sketches and sculptures to writing beautiful poetry and literature and even musics and movies. Then there are the more contemporary and more niche forms of art that most people fail to recognize whether it be because they are not involved in that particular field or the fact that no one takes the time to appreciate its beauty.

Within the last few years, I have found a new love and appreciation to a form of art that I could never have hoped to find if not for my undergraduate course. It is the aesthetic of coding. The way how every line of code is made deliberate. How they are cascaded and sectioned off so that it is easier to understand. The dark backdrop blending in nicely with the color-coded and perfectly aligned code. It is a beauty to read when all these principles are followed. I could spend hours without tiring myself in perfecting what I write. I believe that it is s true form of expression of the modern age. I would not dare share my code to anyone if I feel as if it is lacking in its structure and beauty.

Furthermore, this has also lead me to pursue my old passion for drawing. I remember several years back, I would do nothing but draw. It was my true passion and hobby. In a way I believe that as I had gotten older, that creativity inside me was transferred to my field and studies. Now instead of spending time on sketching landscapes and portraits, I write lines code. Though debugging (removing errors in code) is a whole other thing, coding in itself is my current canvas to express my creativity.

Finding aesthetics in a place I would have never guessed has brought me to look at the world in a different light. What if everything we do has a form of art and beauty waiting to be recognized? Can you think of anything that you truly feel passionate about that could perhaps have a deeper meaning? Something that you could enhance and reiterate and bring out its art form that is hiding inside? I hope you as I have, will try and find that passion for art in something unlikely and that it keeps on encouraging you to push forward no matter what. I leave you with a drawing I drew a couple months back, hoping it will inspire you to find your own passions for creativity.


My illustration of the Film V for Vendetta

Via Daily Post: Aesthetic

P.S: Check out my other post on my favorite artist Vincent van Gogh


3 thoughts on “Finding Aesthetics in the Unlikely

  1. ive seen that picture several times today while browsing tags on wordpress (probably the same tag each time.) didnt realize you drew that– looks fantastic!

    im interested in code on both a functional and aesthetic level too. i put functionality first, and that sometimes includes “ease” at the cost of beauty. how could this be put: “real (production) code has curves?” what id love to know is what everyones concept of beauty in code really is– particularly, if they were in charge of making an existing language still more beautiful, what would they change?

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    • Youre right. When it comes to production, sometimes you have to prioritise functionality and deadlines rather than beauty. Currently finding beauty in c++, have no objections on it just yet but I am sure to find them as I dive deeper

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