Gone but not Forgotten

On this journey that we call life, you meet a whole range of different people, with different backgrounds and different perspectives. Some of them stick with you or at least are in your life currently. But what about the others? Those faces you have seen in your life pass by. Friends you knew so well yet now you know almost nothing. People who have been a huge part of you but now just a memory of a forgotten life. Do you still think of them? Have they left a mark on you so deep that it is etched in you forever, for better or for worse?

There have been many in my life whom I have left behind (or left me behind? ) . Best friends with whom I would spend every second of the day with and yet now I am not sure where or what he is doing. Has he achieved the dreams we talked so much about when we were together? Is he doing well? Like me, does he think of the good times we had? All the moments in life when we were closer than blood brothers? Or has he moved on?

One can only have so many people in their life. There is no guarantee that those who are with you now will stick in the coming years. Like those many others, maybe they will become irrelevant. Maybe you will switch jobs or schools.. Maybe you have to move. Those friends you have been seeing forever, gone in an instant  Living in different lives and yet trying to maintain that close bond you had is nothing but difficult.

“The Only Thing that is Constant is Change” -Heraclitus

People change, relationships change and gradually your bonds will change. It is the truth of life. Accepting it is easier said than done but once you do, you can start concentrating on what is important, the present. The bonds you have built in your life at this moment. Make them better. Make them last. Spend more time with your loved ones. Say yes to your friends ridiculous ideas. Help out one another when they need it oh so dearly.

The present and it’s bonds are what will define you in the future. Your kids will think better of you for spending that one more afternoon with them even though you work so hard during the week. Your friends will love you more when you help them out with their work knowing that you have not finished yours either. These are the moments that will be forever etched into their memories. So when it comes time for you to leave, they will remember. They will remember how loving a spouse you were for taking the time to spend with them. How good a friend you were for helping them in their time of need. The moments that strengthened those bonds though lost now, will forever be strong in our minds and thoughts. At the end of the day is that not all of what we can do?

via Daily Prompt: Gone


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