A Fresh Start


To give you the reader, some context as to why there is a thing such as this existing in the vastness of the internet, I shall first introduce the reason behind why i started this blog and also try and give an abstract idea of what to expect in the coming days and months (even though I still currently have no clue).

I started this blog because a friend, lets call this friend “Orange” ( ’cause he loves the color ) told me to. At first I laughed at the idea as it seemed so ridiculous. If you take a look at anywhere on the internet, it is filled with people who have an opinion about everything (though there are legitimately good people too) and putting oneself in a position where you can be subjected to such criticism can really have no positive outcome.

Most of the discussion between me and Orange about starting a blog were based on the idea of logging ones thoughts and then reflecting upon them, in hopes of making oneself better than before. Eventually I gave in. Who am I to say this wont work out, or how I would lose the fire and energy to write as days go by, or how the content of the blog will be judged by others, if there are others who would even read. Ultimately you never know until you try, so here I am trying and I hope you will stick around through this journey of an awakening amateur blogger.

 The Future

I cant say for sure what is in store in the future for this blog, hopefully something that would help anyone who reads this in some way, but what i know to be true is that right now i feel great and full of energy (although I have a tonne of work that needs to be completed still) and with a bit of luck and motivation, maybe we can ride this year through helping each other stay motivated on goals and dreams.


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

    • I know right. Its funny how one moment can define you for some people. And frankly I like the idea of how you can take space in someones memory because of that defining moment!


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